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About us

About us

Welcome to Techamd. You want to know about us. this is valuable for us. Before know about us. we tell you a truth. Guys, This is the time of internet. The whole world is interconnected by internet. Internet has become a highway for information. On which 'WebSite' you will get a lot of knowledge about computer. You can search the content related your topic. Just think, write and search. Only through these three steps will you get the content available on your desired topic.

Now the question arises, what language is the content on the internet? Friends, 'English' still remains on the Internet.Computer includes all language but English the best language for computer. English is important for us because The whole world is connected by English language it is conman language.
some student can not learn computer lack of money and time. because they don't have money and time.Guys, we have also faced the same problem. But it may happen you will not to face this problem.For this we have started a website related to computer knowledge. so that they can learn computer without fee any time and anywhere.

Techamd is online website.where you can learn everything anytime and anywhere about computer. On techamd, we provide free online tutorials for Computer Fundamentals, Windows, MS Office package, internet. Notepad, Word Pad, Paint, tally, Photoshop, pacemaker, corel draw, Programming language, Web programming language hardware and software related knowledge ,Networking and online transaction software etc.Because our aim is to teach everything related to computer.

Message by Tech amd

Never Stop Learning. Learn everything

we have started techamd for this purpose.This is not just our goal.This is the purpose of all of us and we will work together on this. Is not it?

On Techamd website, you can not only learn, you can share your knowledge to others.

Contact to techamd

We hope that you have managed to understand our message. If you want to know anything about us or you want to tell us something about the website, you can contact us at any time. You can use any medium to contact us. We have given all the means of contacting us below. You can use any medium at your convenience.

1-You can contact us by e-mail. Our e-mail address is
2-Contact us at social media:-
3- You can also contact us by contact form by click on techamd.

Author profile

This is mukesh kumar.I have done MCA. I have also done PGDM. Now I am teaching. I teach computer science.I belogs to Bijnor district of West Uttar pradesh in india. if you want to contact me then send me email at

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