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what is paint learn with full details

What is Microsoft Paint?

MS Paint is a simple graphics / drawing editor It is included in every version of Windows. MS Paint provides basic functionality for drawing and painting in color or black and white, as well as shaped stencils and cured line tools.MS Paint gives to users simple drawing / painting and we can some photo editing in MS Paint. we can learn simple drawing with the help of MS Paint. The window of MS Paint looks like it.

You can also view it by opening MS Paint in your computer. if you can not open MS Paint. You can learn at How to open MS Paint.
If you will notice, The MS Paint is divided into several parts. Let us know these parts of the MS Paint window in sequence.

1. MS Paint Button

MS Paint Button is a major part of MS Paint. This button is in the menu bar. In this button there are several options for the file created in MS Paint. Documents created in MS Paint with the help of these tools are used to save, open, print. You will learn about Paint Button in detail in further tutorials.

2. Quick Access Toolbar

Quick Access Toolbar is a special part of MS Paint. This toolbar is in the Title bar. We use it as a shortcut. Most toolbars are added to this toolbar and they are added to it. With the help of the Quick Access Toolbar, the work in MS Paint can be somewhat faster.

 3. Title bar

Title bar is the topmost part of the MS Paint window. This time the name of the file created in MS Paint is displayed. The file will not be saved unless the name of the file is shown and "Untitled" is written there. As soon as we save the file with a name, the file name is displayed instead of "Untitled". There are three buttons in the right corner of the title bar. These three buttons have the first button that gets clicked into the Open Program Task Bar. The second button is. This button works to reduce or decrease the width of the window. And the third button is to stop the program.

4. Ribbon

Ribbon is another part of the MS Paint window. It is below the title bar. The red color is the ribbon in the MS Paint window shown in this text. This section shows the options of MS Paint tabs (which are in the Options menu bar).

5. Scroll bar

Scroll bar is on two sides of the drawing area in the MS Paint window. Once vertically, which is to move the canvas up and down and the second time it is horizontally, it is to move the canvas right-left.

6. Status bar

Status bar is just below the drawing area in the MS Paint window. At the bottom right corner of this bar there is a tool called "Zoom Level", which can help the canvas zoom in and zoom out. And the pixels of the drawing are displayed in the left-hand corner and the width and height of the canvas are shown next to it.

7. Drawing Area or Canvas

Text Area It is also called the canvas, the most important part of MS Paint. And this is the largest and middle part of the MS Paint window. In this area, drawing or painting is done.

what have you learned?

In this Lesson you know what happens to Microsoft Paint. We have told MSPaint in this lesson about simple language. We hope
After reading this Lesson you have become familiar with Paint.

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