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How many types of computer learn with full details?

How many types of computer

When we talk related to computers. We think about computers that it is situated at home or workplace or they think about laptops and notebooks. Actually, computers are not limited here. Computers are all around us they can keep them in various categories based on size, usage and functionality.

Mainly computer is divided into three types. But we divided the computer into three main categories. We have divided Computer into the following three categories.

1-Based on Application.
2-Based on size
3- Based on Modernity

Based on Application

computer are categories into mainly three categories on the basis of their application. there are describe below.

1. Analog Computer

2. Digital  Computer

3. Hybrid Computer

Analog Computer:-These computer are almost extinct today. These are different from digital computer because analog computer can perform several mathematical operations simultaneously. it uses continuous variables for mathematical operations and utilizes mechanical or electrical energy.The functionality of the Analog Computer is fast.They are used in the fields of technology, science, education etc.

Digital computer:-This computer is different from Analog Computer. They use digital circuits.Digital Computer uses Binary System (0,1) to denote information in a numerical form. This computer is capable of performing logical and logical tasks.Digital Computer can store information.Digital computers are general purpose computers or special purpose ones.

Hybrid computer:-These computer are the combination of both digital and analog computer. In this type of computers the digital segments perform process control by conversion of analog signals to ones.Hybrid Computer is faster than digital and Analog computer. Hybrid computer provide purer result .

Based on Size

Computer are categories into four categories on the basis of their application. there are describe below.

Mainframes Computers:-A Mainframe computer is faster and more powerful than all the computers. They are used by governmental establishments and large companies for highly critical applications such as bulk data processing. They have capacities to host multiple operating systems. These computers are very large in size.

Mini Computers:-Mini computers are also called 'mid range computer or workstations'. It is lies in between main frame and micro computer. Mini computers popularity began in 1990s. They are used by small businesses and business establishments. Mini Computers is not developed for Single User. They are used by a company in doing one particular work in their particular department.

Micro Computers:-A Computer with a microprocessor and its central processing unit is known as a microcomputer.Micro Computer is a fast growing and widely used. It is cheaper and lighter than all kinds of computers. It is also the smallest in size. These computer has been developed for general purpose such as entertainment, education, home and office use etc. These computer can fit on desks or table prove to be the best choice for single user task.

Desktops, Notebooks, Laptops, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) etc. are Micro Computer.

Super Computers:-Super Computer is the fastest and powerful computer ever built by humans. These computers are very large and expensive in size. These are used by the big organizations in research work, weather forecasting, technology etc. Summit Super Computer is the fastest supercomputers ever. Which was made in America.

India had its first supercomputer PARAM-8000 in 1991. The ultimate computer was developed by C-DAC, an India-based organization. After the ultimate, many supercomputers have been created in India. And many are also included in Top 500 Super Computers. India's fastest super computer is Pratyush and Mihir.

Based on Modernity

Wearable Computers:-

Wearable is meant to be wearable, i.e. equipment that can be worn on any part of the body, especially in hand. These devices are made to perform a small part of a particular task. SmartWatches, Fitness Trackers etc. are Wearable Computer.

Tablets:- Tablets are mobile computers that are very handy to use. They use the touch screen technology. Tablets technology. tablets come with an onscreen keyboard or use styles or a digital pen.

Smart phones:-

Nowadays cell phones, which are called mobile phones in general languages, can also do many things done by computer. You can do internet browsing, games, documents, calculation, etc. in mobile phones. These are called Smartphones nowadays.

What did you learn?

In this Article we have given you complete information about the type of computer. 
You know about different types of computers as well as you have been familiar
with modern computers too.
We hope this Lesson will prove useful to you.

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